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Hat Dir der Lauf Event gefallen, was könnte man nächstes mal besser machen?
Schildere uns doch bitte deine Eindrücke die du aus Brugg mit nimmst um vielleicht dem einen oder anderen Mut und Lust zu machen nächstes Jahr auch teilzunehmen.

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  • John Evers (#12)

    Hallo Fredi,

    Many thanks for organizing the 24h edition of 2017. It was not my first 24h (twice in Basel), but my first in Brugg. Though I did not make my ultimate goal I was very pleased and proud finishing. Here some note of the things I liked very much:

    - timing (end of Summer is better than end of winter - in my opinion).
    - weather (some luck I guess)
    - food and drinks (excellent)
    - participants (they felt like a family)
    - spectators (helped motivating a lot)
    - time registration: I had to get used to the idea of trusting the chip to work. But this was working really well. I could have saved quite some preparation trying to work out Garmin charging was also nice to see the times live on my Iphone.
    - beamer with times of those passing by. Excellent.
    - bemer therapy - yes it did miracles
    - music - good, better than...
    - circuit/location - nice, scenic and within 1 hour drive for me
    - DJ - felt encouraged by the words coming from the microphone
    - medical aid (they made pictures of my blisters)

    I am sure I have forgotten something, but I am glad I made the trip and will probably be back in 2018.
    E griessli,


    vor 6 Jahren
  • John Evers

    The only pity was that I could not see the names of those passing me as the names were usually on the front.

    vor 6 Jahren
  • pedro


    vor 5 Jahren
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    vor 5 Jahren

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